Calories in calories out works well for younger women but when menopause hits hormonal changes determine everything and a different approach is needed to maintain or lose fat.  Menopause is associated with weight gain, depression, suffering from menopausal symptoms and a list of possible health risks. 
Addressing your lifestyle is critical to counter menopausal symptoms and to limit the risk of future health issues which may include hypertension, heart disease, low bone density, cancers etc

Menopause is an inevitable phase of life that awaits every woman and doesn’t have to be a dark period of uncertainty and an emotional roller coaster.

Let’s hit the pause button on menopause so you can live a healthy, joyful, quality and happy life!


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8 Week PAUSE on MENOPAUSE program

Program Starts:

1 August 2022

Entry fee: R2000

Entries close 31 July 2022

The 8 Week Hit the PAUSE on MENOPAUSE program consists of:

🔸A weight loss meal plan specifically aimed at women in menopause who are experiencing drastic hormonal and metabolic changes in their bodies
🔸Introduction of foods that naturally combat menopausal symptoms in all the phases of menopause 
🔸Lifestyle changes to address visceral fat deposits around the midsection which cause an inflammatory response in the body
🔸Lifestyle changes to limit future health risks associated with menopause (hypertension, heart disease, low bone density, cancers etc)
🔸A list of natural supplements to assist the body’s unique functioning in this phase
🔸Training programs to complement optimal health and weight loss for menopausal women 
🔸Access to our support group to share experiences and empower yourself with as much knowledge as possible 
🔸Guidance on how to manage insulin resistance, lower cortisol levels and understand leptin and ghrelin
🔸Coaching on how to navigate yourself through this challenging phase in your life 
🔸This is not a medical program or replacement for any medical advice, but an opportunity to “hack” your own hormones so you can ease through menopause. 

Let’s hit the pause button on menopause so you can live a healthy, joyful, quality and happy life!