Staying active and eating healthy during winter can be challenging, BUT I have the formula to help you beat the Winter Blues! 


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8 Week Winter Formula Program

Program Starts:

6 June 2022

Entry fee: R1200

Entries close 5 June 2022



The 8 Week Winter Formula:

🔥A program designed to help you stay on track during winter

🔥Very easy and flexible meal plan so you can have your favourite treats and still lose weight

🔥30-40min workouts

🔥No gym required

🔥A unique and easy training schedule/challenge every week

🔥Caters for all fitness levels

🔥Ideal for beginners and experienced 


🔥Available to men and women


🔥Practise mindfulness

🔥No calorie counting


The LEVEL UP Challenge is not just a ”biggest loser” challenge. 
It’s about an overall transformation and implementation of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle!
The criteria:
1. Weight loss (of course) but it’s not the only criteria and will be calculated proportional to your initial weight 
2. A visible physical transformation
3. To what extent you have embraced the EmmagineYou lifestyle and made it your own
4. A positive mindset and contribution to the LEVEL UP Challenge group
5. Somebody that will be a proud ambassador for EmmagineYou  and all other brands involved
The EmmagineYou 8 week LEVEL UP Challenge runs over 8 weeks, starting on 4 April 2022 and ending on 29 May 2022. The check-in points for all entrants will be after week 4 and the final check-in after week 8. 
A check-in point requires the submission of your weight, measurements and photos WITH a newspaper to track your progress.
At this point your weight & measurements need to be filled in timeously as submissions are open for a 48 hour window. 
Entrants that fail to submit the
required information may be disqualified. 
One overall winner will be chosen along with two runners up.
The winner will be chosen based on the best overall transformation and criteria as explained. 


#1st place finisher will receive a:

Skin analysis and facial treatment by The Skin Consultant 
Hair makeover by Gary Rom
Makeup and spray tan by Canvas makeup artistry
Photoshoot by JCT Photography 
Outfits provided for the photoshoot by HSC
Manicure & Pedicure by Perfect Nails & Beauty Salon
R3000 Supplement voucher from Pharmafreak 
3 month 1:1 coaching package from EmmagineYou 

#2nd place finisher will receive a PharmaFreak Supplement Hamper to the value of R2000

#3rd place finisher will receive a PharmaFreak Supplement Hamper to the value of R1000

Challenge Terms & Conditions

Got a question? Send an email to:

  • Entrants must be over the age of 18 upon entering the challenge.
  • All competition progress photos and measurements are submitted via the same account page at the dates relevant to their heat start date (Monday, 4 April 2022).
  • Only photos with a recent newspaper will be accepted throughout all check-in points of the challenge. Any entrant failing to submit photos with a recent newspaper may be disqualified.
  • Full length photos must be taken against a neutral background. No selfies allowed. Three photos are required: front, side and back.
  • Photos, weight and measurements are required to be submitted at each check-in point within the allocated time frame. Any entrant failing to submit within their respective check-in time frame will be disqualified.
  • Each heat begins on a Monday and each check-in point will subsequently fall on a Sunday and Monday. Check-in points include the start of the heat, the end of week 4 and the end of week 8. Entrants will have two days (including the check- in date) to submit their weight, measurements and photos i.e Sunday and Monday.
  • We have the right to disqualify any entrant we suspect of cheating – i.e. tampering with photos; providing false weight & measurement information; making use of illegal performance enhancing supplements.
  • This challenge is a transformation challenge. The best overall transformation will be selected as the winner.
  • One overall winner will be chosen along with two runners up
  • Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Prizes are not transferable and non-negotiable.
  • The winner and runners up agree to having their progress photos and details (age, weight, measurements) published on our social media pages and website.
  • Disclaimer: EmmagineYou 8 Week LEVEL UP Challenge is not a qualified health care provider and any advice published on this website and on the blog should be checked with a medical or fitness professional before use by its readers.