I have had numerous requests for THIS and here it is! 

An exclusive offer to EAT & TRAIN WITH ME for 4 weeks! 

Become part of my inner circle! TRAIN & EAT WITH ME for 4 weeks

This is a unique, once off opportunity and I am only taking in a limited number of people


30 May 2022

Entry fee: R2000

Entries close 29 May 2022

Become part of my inner circle! 

I am going to let you in on:

▪️Exactly what I eat

▪️How I train 

▪️All my daily habits 

▪️And teach you the basics of my lifestyle 

To enter you have to meet the following criteria:

🔸No serious injuries or health issues

🔸Fitness level of at least 7/10

🔸Access to a gym (or basic home gym equipment)

🔸Ready to be challenged! 

🔸Willing to dig deep

🔸Keen to upgrade every aspect of your life 

🔸Full commitment 

🔸Prepared to have fun


This offer is open to men and women to EAT & TRAIN WITH ME! 

Fasten your seatbelt! It’s going to be tough but life changing! 

Space is Limited. Join my inner circle today. 

See you there!