Squat Challenge

100 x 100 Squat Challenge Welcome to the 100 x 100 EmmagineYou Squat Challenge!  I’m so excited to have you on board!  The Challenge officially kicks off on 1 June 2021 You will be added to our EmmagineYou Squat Squad WhatsApp group  I know I know, we’re all part of so many groups but I’ve …

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ABC of ABS Program

ABC of ABS Program Want to lose belly fat and tone your midsection?  Commit to do quick 10 minute ab routines, 5 days a week for 30 days!! Also included- EmmagineYou Lifestyle Reminders to help you shed belly fat! Whoever told you that abs are made in the kitchen was right! That’s why this easy …

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Nutrition Coaching Package (3 months)

Nutrition Coaching Package Fall in love with the EmmagineYou lifestyle and learn the basic principles of smart and mindful eating. We are what we eat.  Being in shape is 20% exercise and 80% eating. Take ownership of your health and your family’s by implementing healthy, sustainable and balanced lifestyle principles. A 12 week commitment, just long …

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Advanced Hybrid Running Treadmill & Road

Advanced Hybrid Running Treadmill & Road Why run on the road or treadmill only if you can mix things up?  This is a FUN 7 day Hybrid running program for intermediate and advanced runners where you get to switch between road and treadmill running everyday  7 Day program  Access to program: 4 weeks


Advanced Treadmill Workout Program This is an advanced Treadmill Program to keep your workouts fun, dynamic and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your runs! Bored with your runs on the treadmill?  Let’s spice things up a bit!  This is a creative treadmill challenge for intermediate and advanced runners!  6 Day program


Build This is a hardcore gym program aimed at muscle building. If you want to pack on muscle, THIS is your program! And no, you won’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Trust me, it would take much more than a program like this to look like Arnie! Weight training is essential for fat to muscle conversion …

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