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6 Month Coaching Package

(converts to R1000 per month)
6 Month Commitment R6000 (Converts to R1000 per month) Join our most popular 6 month program. It takes 3 weeks to establish new habits, 3 months to implement a new lifestyle and 6 months for a full transformation - mentally, physically and emotionally. Take my hand on an unforgettable and life changing journey!

I’m ready to take your hand and guide you towards discovering and unlocking the best version of yourself. Together we will get rid of old habits and establish new ones. We’re going to work real hard on MINDSET and MINDFULNESS because that is everything!
I’ll be holistically coaching you how to eat, train and think so you can be armed with a set of Lifestyle Principles for life. I’m exclusively offering you my expertise, knowledge and continuous support. You’ll soon realise that you’re capable of so much more than you thought was possible and you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to! If you’re willing to commit I’ll walk through fire with you! Are you ready to make an investment in yourself that will pay lifelong dividends?
This is not about a physical transformation only. It’s about giving your mind, body and soulwings to soar through life.

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User Testimonial

Izette Kruger

I have never struggled with my weight but I guess with age comes a few challenges and after my second baby I really battled to lose the 10-12kg’s I’ve gained during my pregnancy.