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ABC of ABS Program

Want to lose belly fat and tone your midsection? 

Commit to do quick 10 minute ab routines, 5 days a week for 30 days!!

Also included- EmmagineYou Lifestyle Reminders to help you shed belly fat!

Whoever told you that abs are made in the kitchen was right!

That’s why this easy 5 day abdominal training program is accompanied by daily EmmagineYou Lifestyle reminders!

I deliberately decided not to refer to it as rules, because rules are restrictive and negative where these guidelines are based on mindfulness and designed to give you wings!

All it takes is a 30 day commitment. 

Small daily changes are about to yield big results!

Emmagine You to become the best version of YOU!

Are jou ready? 

5 Day training program

10 minute abdominal workouts 

Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes (different intensity levels)

Every exercise is accompanied by a demo video!