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Welcome to the EmmagineYou Banded Training Module
The theme of this program is: Back to basics

In order to build a house (your body) we first need to ensure a strong foundation
This foundation consists of:

  • Proper cardiovascular conditioning
  • Building of above average core strength
  • An intense focus on glutes, quads and hamstrings

All you need for this program is a resistance (loop) band
I have illustrated in some videos that extra weight (dumbbells) can be added
That is entirely up to you and you may incorporate dumbbells wherever you want/can!

Always keep in mind that a QUALITY repetition approach is always better than QUANTITY!
Rather perform the workouts slow and controlled with less repetitions
but be sure to incorporate that mind muscle connection!

Animal flows are trending and with reason. It offers incredible full body conditioning, metabolic
and cardiovascular benefits!
The most important objective is to SWEAT and HAVE FUN!!
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure of anything!
Here’s to a new and improved version of YOU!!


  • This is a 5 day training program. You may work in a rest day whenever it suits you or if
    you feel your body needs a break!
  • If the descriptions says “L x 10 R x 10”, it means you complete ten repetitions to one
    side first and then switch over to the other side.
  • If it’s indicated as “10 doubles” it means that you will perform the exercise 10 times to each side alternating. In other words 20 repetitions in total
  • Pay close attention to where the band should be positioned (above knees or at the ankles)
  • With most high intensity exercises there will be a low impact alternative demonstrated
    to accommodate fragile knees and a sensitive lower back!
  • If you suffer from weak wrists – “push up like” exercises can be performed on a pair of dumbbells
  • If you feel your lower back when performing abdominal exercises (especially feet
    elevating exercises) always bend your knees slightly and support your lower back by:
    – positioning your hands under your bum
    – and/or simply forcing your lower back into the floor
  • If an exercise triggers something to be sore (other than general discomfort or fatigue) please consult with me first before you continue!