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Welcome to the EmmagineYou Run/Walk Training Module with integrated abdominal exercises & The ultimate push up guide.

Daily standard warm up:

10 minute easy run/walk & stretch. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure of anything

Here’s to a new, fitter and stronger version of YOU!!


The aim of this program is weight loss, full body conditioning and to improve cardiovascular fitness!


  • Level 1 (L1): Beginner
  • Level 2 (L2): Intermediate
  • Level 3 (L3): Advanced

Take note:

  • 12 x “Doubles” refer to 12 repetitions to each side I will indicate if it’s alternating or to be completed to one side first.
  • There are at least 6 x abdominal exercises and 6 x push up options available everyday
  • Do at least 3 of each. You may choose! Be sure to do the rest in week 2!
  • If you’re a beginner and really battle with some – you may repeat your favourites!
  • If you’re a Ninja – do ALL of them!
  • Always aim for one level up rather than one level down!
  • Always complete 3-4 rounds of each abdominal exercise/push up
  • General rule of thumb for beginners: – Ab exercises: if you feel your back – bend your knees! – Perform push ups on knees
  • If your wrists are sensitive, perform push ups on a pair of dumbbells
  • Do push ups and abdominal exercises alternating to give your upper body and abs a short break!
  • You determine your own rest days
  • Train your heart out!
  • Enjoy!