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Hybrid 1

Welcome to the EmmagineYou HYBRID Training Module. The aim of this program is to increase your basal metabolic rate by building lean muscle in order to burn fat and lose weight! The Hybrid approach to the program is excellent for cardiovascular conditioning as well!

The only equipment needed for this program is two sets of dumbbells:
A heavy and lighter set

  • If you’re strong and very fit I suggest 10kg dumbbells and a set of 5 or 6 kg’s
  • If you’d describe your strength/fitness level as medium I suggest a set of 7kg dumbbells and an additional set of 4 or 5kg’s
  • If you’re a beginner a set of 5kg’s and 3kg’s is recommended

How to determine the ideal weight to train with:

  • A good rule of thumb is to use a set of weights that makes it very challenging to finish a
    set. The last few repetitions should require a serious effort! If it’s too easy – increase
    your weight!!
  • Always exhale on contraction, inhale on release
  • Aim to complete a set. Don’t stop halfway through a set
  • If you experience any lasting discomfort, (shoulders, knees, hip, lower back etc) please
    consult with me first before you continue
  • ENJOY your journey of becoming stronger and fitter

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure of anything. Here’s to a new, fitter and stronger version of YOU!!  ~Emm


  • This is a 5 day training program. You may work in a rest day whenever it suits you or if you feel your body needs a break!
  • If the descriptions says “L x 10 R x 10”, it means you complete ten repetitions to one side first and then switch over to the other side.
  • If it’s indicated as 24 reps (12 doubles) it means that you will perform 12 repetitions to the right and 12 to the left. In other words 24 repetitions in total
  • I’ll mention whether we finish one side first or if it should be done alternating
  • There is at least one HYBRID Sequence in every set. Start with at least 5 rounds of hybrid sequences Work your way up every week to do 10 x rounds!
  • If you feel your lower back when performing abdominal exercises (especially feet elevating exercises) always bend your knees slightly and support your lower back by:
    – positioning your hands under your bum – and/or simply forcing your lower back into the floor  If an exercise triggers something to be sore (other than general discomfort or fatigue) please consult with me first before you continue!