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Going on a business trip or holiday and don’t want to lose your fitness and hard earned physique? Then this program is for you! 

Only starting your fitness journey now? This is also an ideal program to build basic strength and improve fitness!


  • The only equipment required for this training program is a fitness band with medium resistance and loads of enthusiasm! 
  • If it’s indicated to do 24 reps (12 doubles) it means: 12 to the right and 12 to the left
  • I’ll indicate whether you finish one side first or if it should be done alternating
  • Complete each circuit 3-4 times. Stretch your workout to at least 30 minutes. If you feel like doing more, don’t hold back! Train your heart out and do as many rounds as you can!
  •  Switch between week 1 and 2!

Enjoy your training! Grab a family member or friend, turn up the volume and have fun!

~ Emm