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100 x 100 Squat Challenge

Welcome to the 100 x 100 EmmagineYou Squat Challenge! 

I’m so excited to have you on board! 

The Challenge officially kicks off on 1 June 2021

You will be added to our EmmagineYou Squat Squad WhatsApp group 

I know I know, we’re all part of so many groups but I’ve learned that a Facebook group is just not as intimate as being part of a WhatsApp group and I want to be available for all of you to ensure success. 

If you don’t want to be part of the group I would totally respect that. 

But… I want to be there to guide and motivate you through the next 100 days and add as much value as I can! 

It’s great to be part of a community where everybody is working towards the same goal! 

I will be sharing some creative squad ideas and motivational and fun posts. 

I invite you to take part and do the same! 

We’re in this together!

Please download the EmmagineYou Lifestyle Guide as well as your 100 day calender! I can’t wait to get going! We are 100 days away from a sexier, leaner, healthier and better version of ourselves! 

Let’s do this! Love, Coach Emm