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Thank you for entering the EmmagineYou 100 x 100 Squat Challenge!

You are now an official member of the Squat Squad! (Yes, we’re cool like that! 😎)

🙏🏻 Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your life for the next 100 days!

What a treat!

😁 Remember.. I am here to take your hand, literally and we’ll be squatting our way through the next 100 days and also start making mindful lifestyle choices.

You will be added to our Squat Squad WhatsApp group on Sunday night, 7 August. This group will be our communication platform for the duration of the Challenge

Once you have completed all the forms you will be able to download the EmmagineYou Lifestyle Guide and Squat calendar

Two important aspects of the challenge:

❣ Have fun

❣ Prove to yourself that you can make a 100 day commitment!

Let’s keep our vibes HIGH and our squats LOW! 🤩

Here’s to the best version of all of us!

Love Emm🤍