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Welcome to the EmmagineYou STRONG Dumbbell Training Program.

Note that you’re in Ninja company now!
This is a reasonably straight forward dumbbell program with some twists to challenge you!

How to determine the ideal weight to train with

The general rule of thumb.. You should barely be able to finish a set The last few repetitions should require a serious effort! If it’s too easy – increase your weight!

PLEASE NOTE: If it’s indicated to do 24 reps (12 doubles) it means: 12 to the right and 12 to the left I’ll mention whether we finish one side first or if it should be done alternating.

VERY IMPORTANT: This program involves loads of lunges for glute, quad and core activation. It might cause initial sensitivity to the knees. Should you experience anything more than general discomfort or stiffness- please consult with me.

A FINAL THOUGHT.. Always aim for proper form. Don’t ever rush through a workout. Rather do it SLOW and controlled
It’s always better to do 2 quality rounds than 3 rushed.