Success Story

EmmagineYou 10 week Summer Body Challenge Winner!!

Emmagine You has literally changed my life!!!!
I’ve never felt so healthy, so happy and so in control of my life.

Marie Vermeulen

I’ve always been the queen of excuses, especially since the birth of my son. I was so unhappy with myself and so uncomfortable in my own skin! I always made excuses not to workout and to eat everything I see. Then Emm came into my life…and every aspect of my life changed! I LOST 16.4kg but GAINED self confidence, self love, energy and happiness!

Emmagine You's meal plans and workout programs changed my entire outlook on losing weight and being healthy. It’s not just another fad diet, but a lifestyle change!

Emmagine you's meal plans work on cellular level! I could feel the magic happening inside my body and how my body healed and functioned at an ultimate level! After my burn accident 3 years ago my face was always red! My body is healthy from the inside, my skin is radiant and all the redness is gone!

With Emm by your side and all her support, love and motivation, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! You will never regret joining the Emmagine you tribe! Life has never been this good and it is all thanks to Emm!