Back by popular demand! 

👉🏻   Those who squat through winter have sexy legs in summer!!  😎


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100 x 100 Squat Challenge and become part of the Squat Squad!

Program Starts:

8 August 2022

Entry fee: R199

Entries close 7 August 2022

What is included? 

❣️ A practical EmmagineYou Lifestyle guide to help you shed those extra pounds  (Does not include a fixed meal plan) 
❣️ Membership of The EmmagineYou Squat Squad for daily motivation!
❣️ Creative bodyweight squat variations to spice things up! 
❣️ EmmagineYou 100 day Calender to tick off those squats! 
❣️ Loads of FUN!!

👉🏻   One small daily practice will yield big results!